Raspberry Heights Workshop adds Wendy Sanchez-Vaynshteyn to team

We are very pleased to welcome Wendy Sanchez-Vaynshteyn to the Raspberry Heights family.
STEM lover and enthusiast. She is a biomedical engineer turned full stack web developer with a passion to explore and problem solve. As a former Madoff, NIH, Howard Hughes and Louis Stokes scholar, Wendy is on a mission to promote a passion for technology and the sciences to others while constantly learning new skills and having fun tackling real world problems.


Raspberry Heights Workshop is Looking for an Intern

Do you know of a young woman or young man interested in technology? We are looking to make our local computer classes for kids even better. If you know a spunky, responsible student that would like to learn, teach and help kids have fun while learning about computers, have them contact me.

I am seeking someone that is a HS senior college student looking to build a resume and earn money on Sunday mornings and occasional Saturdays. Classes are held in Jackson Heights. rtcallahan@gmail.com

@Raspberry_Pi @adafruit @RaspberryHeight