Raspberry Heights Workshop is Looking for an Intern

Do you know of a young woman or young man interested in technology? We are looking to make our local computer classes for kids even better. If you know a spunky, responsible student that would like to learn, teach and help kids have fun while learning about computers, have them contact me.

I am seeking someone that is a HS senior college student looking to build a resume and earn money on Sunday mornings and occasional Saturdays. Classes are held in Jackson Heights. rtcallahan@gmail.com

@Raspberry_Pi @adafruit @RaspberryHeight


One thought on “Raspberry Heights Workshop is Looking for an Intern

  1. Hello,
    My name is Abraham and I would be interested in this internship. I have a big interest in working with kids hence my goal in college at the moment to work with children as a pediatrician. Considering that technology now is fast growing and is now mostly used everywhere. I would love to learn more and exchange my experiences with computers. I am a 23 year old male who goes to queensborough community college and am going for my last year there. This internship will not just help me go to a better bachelors program in a four year school but benefit my experiences for a better job in the future. I am free Sunday’s and Saturdays from morning till 2. In addition I live in jackson heights so the travel won’t interfere with latenesses. Please email me back if you would like further information.

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