Getting Physical at Raspberry Heights Workshop

Today’s Beginners Class was all about physical computing. It’s my favorite part of The Raspberry Heights Workshop. They all love the hands-on aspect of it and for many it’s the first time that they are able to use computers to make things happen IRL (in real life). They learned about basic electronics and circuits and made an LED turn on and off using Scratch.

2015-10-11 10.41.48

#teamwork is the rule. Making things happen together.

2015-10-11 10.41.59

Thomas takes it to the next level. Don’t tell mom, but, his Raspberry Pi and “parent detector” are hidden in this unassuming tissue box.

2015-10-11 13.02.14

Working through some robotics in Intermediate III. Using MeArm, Python and Raspberry Pi with ServoBlaster from Richard Ghirst.

2015-10-11 13.48.00

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