If you want a job in media, technology or a related field, make learning basic computer language your goal this summer.


Raspberry Heights is a project based workshop designed to encourage kids to get excited about technology using Raspberry Pi computers.

The Raspberry Heights Workshop is located in Queens, New York City
classes are held at the
 Jackson Heights Early Learning Center Annex

What we have done is set up a six station workshop each equipped with a Raspberry Pi computer, HDMI display, keyboard and mouse. The stations also have a set of electronics parts for the students to experiment with including LEDs, resistors and capacitors.

The Workshops

There are currently 4 levels of classes.

Workshop I

Workshop II

Workshop III

Workshop IV


Raspberry Heights is dedicated to fun and encourages kids to learn about computers and electronics. We will use our imagination and explore creativity by building a Raspberry Pi computer by hand, making Music with code, exploring programming environments, installing & playing games and Interfacing (connecting Raspberry Pi to other electronics). The program is split into 4 sessions led by myself


Session 1: Build your Pi – Our first session will introduce students to the basics of computers. They will learn the parts of the computer and what each part performs. This will be followed by hands on time when we build a case for the Raspberry Pi.

Despite it's small size, the Raspberry Pi is very capable computer.
Despite it’s small size, the Raspberry Pi is very capable computer.

Session 2: Know your Pi – The second session will begin with more hands on fun. We will be connecting the display, storage, input devices and of course power. The session will conclude with discussion of operating systems and more hands on configuration of the settings for the computer.

Session 3: Control your Pi

learn to install and play games on the Pi
learn to install and play games on the Pi

The focus of this session will be software, what it does and how to use it. The students will be taught to download and install a game and play it. An introduction to Scratch, a programming environment developed as a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab will complete the lesson.

MIT's Kindergarten for life project "Scratch" allows people to learn programming graphically.
MIT’s Kindergarten for life project “Scratch” allows people to learn programming graphically.

Session 4: Connect your Pi – Our final session will focus on connecting breakout boards and connecting and controlling electronics. The students will get to play with LEDs, servos and make some “music” with a piezo.

Having fun with Arduino and LEDs
Having fun with Arduino and LEDs

I hope your child can join us.

The Raspberry Heights Workshop began with the idea that children can have fun while learning to build and program computers. I started experimenting with the Raspberry Pi with my then 5 year old daughter, Olivia. It is with her in mind that I developed the curriculum for my Raspberry Heights Workshop.
2013-04-17 18.46.12
What is a Raspberry Pi and why should I care?
Good question, the Raspberry Pi is a micro computer developed in England for the sole purpose of promoting computer education.

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  1. Please advise if there will be fall 2015 program offerings for tweens in JH

  2. The classes are designed for computer scientists aged 6-11

  3. Do you have any class for 12 years old it sound like a wonderful program.

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