Meet Sofia – Raspberry Heights Workshop Featured Student

We at The Raspberry Heights Workshop are very proud to announce our featured student. Meet Sofia. She’s a true maker at heart.


Sofia is a real star. We love when students challenge themselves to remix the projects we do in class. When Sofia remixed her race car game using Scratch, the whole class wanted to add her cool feature. She is a real inspiration.

Her parents tell me she is self motivated, and continues to teach them what she is doing as she goes along.

Most importantly, she loves what she is doing and has fun with it.

Not only has Sofia been attending The Raspberry Heights Workshop for two months, she also created a game “Get The Birthday Cake” for her school Maker Faire.

For earning the Featured Student spot Sofia will receive a Raspberry Pi camera module. Congrats Sofia. Keep challenging yourself and inspiring others.



Meet Jessica

You may have noticed a new face at the Raspberry Heights Workshop.


“For the past few months, Ron Callahan has given me the opportunity of my life, because I have been able to be part of a fabulous team teaching technology.
This is one of my passions that I always wanted to accomplish, being able to teach kids is a reward that cannot be explained, just to see their faces when they see the result of their work it’s amazing.
For me being at Raspberry Heights is a great experience. Since I love technology it gives me the tools to teach the next generation and also help boys and girls to be more involved in tech.”

We are so happy to have Jessica on the Raspberry Heights team. Her nurturing manner lets the students become comfortable with the material, making it easier to learn.

Thanks for all you do, Jessica!

reminder : classes start this Sunday sign up if you haven’t already registered.

Make Your Own Arcade With Raspberry Pi

A few weeks ago, I was attending a political rally for Bernie Sanders at Bohemian Hall in Astoria with my daughter. We missed most of the rally, but, we had dinner and spent some quality time together. In the basement they had a Ms. Pac-Man machine and we had a blast playing together. It got me thinking about MAME and how it was so much fun setting that up on my Mac many moons ago. Of course, I realized it was time to get MAME set up on a Raspberry Pi. Not only would it be a fun excuse to play the games of my youth, but, it would be a great learning experience to use GPIO to wire up a joystick and some arcade style buttons.

For this project we wanted to use a Raspberry Pi2 model B so we could take advantage of the 1GB of RAM. Downloading the Raspicade system took a long time, but, is a great interface.


photo by : Ron Callahan

Make sure you get the correct version of Raspicade for your system. The version I had would not work on Model B, fortunately, I have a small arsenal of Raspberry Pi in my studio and found a Raspberry Pi2 model B that was free.


Most of the documentation available was for older Raspberry Pi models. I found a great article that explains how to update retraced to work with the newer Raspberry Pi2 here.

Once the software was set up, I began testing the buttons. You can find a great diagram for the pin out on Ian57’s Github page.


photo by Jessica Peugh

It was a great project and very challenging to get all the pieces together. After a few nights of research I got everything prepped and two of my students were able to wire it up  within an hour.


If your child likes technology and wants to learn more sign up for Raspberry Heights Workshop.

Mid Winter 2016 – Schedule Update


Mid Winter 2016 schedule : Feb 21, 28 & Mar 6th, 13th

Due to the Presidents Day holiday, we will begin the next session on Feb 21st.

We are finishing our first round of 2016 classes this week and many of our computer scientists have travel plans so we are going to skip a week before offering the next session. register here



Classes Cancelled for 1/24 Due to Weather


Regretfully, we need to cancel classes for today, Sunday 24 Jan 2016.

Since we have so many students from other parts of NYC, we want everyone to be safe and warm today. I hope everyone gets the word.

We will be schedule the make up class directly following the current schedule on Feb 7.

Have fun and stay safe.

Ron, Wendy, Jessica & Olivia.



Winter 2016 Sessions

2015-12-06 11.41.09

Another year and we are continuing to add new projects including working with the Sense HAT in Workshop IV. The Sense HAT is new add-on for Raspberry Pi that is full of sensors to play with (temperature, humidity, pressure & accelerometer) and a colorful 8×8 RGB LED matrix that can be programmed with Python. The Sense HAT is part of Astro-Pi, a project that sent two Raspberry Pis into Space this month. While we do not have our own spacecraft, we do have many great learning opportunities to be had with this device.


The Raspberry Heights Team (Olivia, Wendy, Jessica & Ron) look forward to seeing you in January.

Sign up on our register page.