Many of your questions have already been asked. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. Thanks

Where are the classes held?
The Raspberry Heights Workshop is located in Queens, New York City
classes are held at the
Jackson Heights Early Learning Center Annex
7910 34th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372-2437

What equipment do I need for the classes?
For the classes, you just need to bring your Raspberry Pi 2 Computer Model B and a case.

What do I need to get up and running with Raspberry Pi at home?
In order to get your Raspberry Pi to work you will need the following:

– Raspberry Pi 2 Computer Model B
– micro SD card
– power supply (USB Android phone charger will work)
– case
– keyboard and mouse (any usb will work)
– HDMI display or TV with HDMI or analog video input

You can build your setup ala carte or purchase a kit. Ususally the display and keyboard/mouse are separate, but, you may these items already. I’ve made a list of retailers that sell everything you need below.

Where can I purchase a Raspberry Pi?
Kits are available on Amazon, Ebay and locally from stores listed below.

Adafruit, based in NYC has many components and accessories for Raspberry Pi as well for mail order only.

MicroCenter has opened a few locations in the area. They have a nice selection of DIY computer gear, including Raspberry Pi. I would call them first before heading out. Make sure they have what you want before heading out.

Tinkersphere provides Raspberry Pi computers, accessories and a whole lot more online and at their brick and mortar shop located in the East Village. H/T ElfenMagix.

While, a kit can be an easy way to get most of the components to get you up and running at home, for the class, just the Rapsberry Pi and a case is needed for the classes. These kits do not include a keyboard and mouse. You will need this to work on the computer. The good news is any USB keyboard and mouse will work. If you have an old one laying around you could use that. Many of my  students have purchased the logitech bluetooth keyboard. It cuts down the amount of cables and if working from a TV as a display, you can sit on the sofa and work/play untethered.

In addition, there are a ton of fun and useful accessories if you like to customize the look of your Raspberry Pi. I like the Pimoroni products. Available at http://shop.pimoroni.com. This is a UK site so prices are in Pounds Sterling not US Dollars. Some of these items are also available at Adafruit.

Can you recommend a case?
Yes I can. The Pimoroni Coupe looks cool, protects your Pi and allows access to all the GPIO goodness we love. 2083-03



The Raspberry Pi will connect via HDMI to any modern TV. It can also connect to and older TV if it has an RCA input. We use dedicated HDMI displays in class like these.

You can also connect the Raspberry Pi to a standard VGA monitor (CRT or LCD) with a HDMI to VGA Adapter. These go for about $10 to $20; depending on where you go. H/T ElfenMagix.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. You should add Tinkersphere. It’s on 5th street near Second Avenue in Manhattan. They are a great source for the Raspberry Pi and related materials! A Raspberry Pi 2 there goes for around $40, about the same price as you can get with ebay, shipping costs included. I go there once a month to see what’s new! Their website is: http://tinkersphere.com

    The NYU Book Store (on Broadway near 4th Street in Manhattan) is supposed to be a great Raspberry Pi resource BUT every time I go there, they have nothing. I think they only supply enough for students enrolled in their classes. It would explain why they are sold out all the time.

  2. You can also connect the Raspberry Pi to a standard VGA monitor (CRT or LCD) with a HDMI to VGA Adapter. These go for about $10 to $20; depending on where you go.

    My R-Pis are connected to such monitors I share with my PCs and Macs with these adaptors and they work great on them!

  3. Hi there- I don’t see any age ranges- whats the youngest you think a child needs to be to be able to participate? Thanks!

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