Minecraft Programming Workshop November 14th 10AM-2PM




So your child is into Minecraft, great. It’s a fun game where they can learn about navigating a 3D space and build and explore their inner engineering skills. Did you know that it is also a great way to get them interested in coding? Minecraft Pi edition runs on Raspberry Pi. The credit card sized computer was designed with education in mind. The Minecraft Pi API allows kids to interact with the actual code of the game as they are playing. In this 4 hour workshop, students will be introduced to the Raspberry Pi computer and get a high level overview of what computers are and how they work.
Then, the fun begins. They will learn to install and run the Minecraft software via the Command Line. Once installed, they will learn the basics of navigating the Minecraft world.
Using the Minecraft API, they will be learn to install Python scripts. The scripts will be explained and they will be allowed to explore by means of altering the scripts to program what they want to build.
Students will be provided with all they need to participate in the class. If they are interested in purchasing your own Raspberry Pi computer and would like help, please do not hesitate to ask.
The class runs from 10AM – 2PM on Saturday November 14th 2015. Seats are limited to the first six to sign up.

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