Heading to the Maker Faire!

So excited. We are one week away from New York Maker Faire.
We will be hosting our Raspberry Heights Workshop at the Maker Faire. How awesome is that?
If you haven’t participated we will be offing free 30 minute sessions throughout the day so find us early and sign up.
We will be having a contest as well “Guess how many Raspberries?” the winner takes home a Raspberry Pi Starter kit or a free class.
Hope to see you there.
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Year of the Maker!

Raspberry Heights Contest – Win a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

The Raspberry Heights Workshop will be celebrating our first anniversary in September. To celebrate, we are hosting an essay contest. The essay topic is “How can we use technology to solve a problem in your community”. In the essay, you must identify an issue in your community and then explain how it could be made better using computers or technology. An illustration may be used instead of an essay for younger participants.

The winner will receive  The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Starter Kit  with a USB keyboard and mouse along with a copy of “Getting Started with Raspberry Pi” by Matt Richardson & Shawn Wallace. If you already own a Raspberry Pi Kit, you can attend exchange your prize to attend The Raspberry Heights Workshop this Fall.

To enter, you must be age 6-11. All essays and art must be received by Sept 1, 2014. Please send entries to rtcallahan@gmail.com.

Workshop Registration is open for Fall 2014. Classes begin September 7th and are held in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.