The Raspberry Heights Workshop moving to NYSCI

Dear parents and computer scientists,

This is one of the most difficult messages I have ever had to write. We will no longer be offering the Raspberry Heights Workshop to the public. Your support over the past four years has been invaluable to the program’s success.
It has been difficult to let go. When I get stopped on the street by a former student I feel a real connection to the community and a great sense of pride.
I started doing the class as a way of connecting with my daughter and I believe she got what she could out of the experience, but, now it is time to move on.
I was upset at first to let it go, but, I have good news. I spoke with the fine people at NYSCI and I will be donating the equipment and the curriculum to one of the education centers there. So Raspberry Heights Workshop will live on and hopefully continue to inspire computer scientists of the future. I will be maintaining this website to offer guidance, instruction and news regarding computer science education

Thank you for all your support.

Ron Callahan


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The Raspberry Heights Workshop is a four session class for children that want to learn about computing and electronics.

Go to the Register Page and choose the session you want.

Want to know more? Visit the About Page to learn what we do.

if you have any questions send me an email rtcallahan@gmail.com

Children 6-11 will learn the parts of a computer and how to build one from the bottom up. We focus on the Raspberry Pi micro computer because of it’s small size and low cost. Each student will have his or her own workstation and will participate in activities such as:

  • building a Raspberry Pi computer by hand
  • exploring programming environments
  • installing and playing games
  • Interfacing – connecting Raspberry Pi to other electronics

The classes are limited to only six students at a time to enable a very rich learning experience for the children.

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